For 23 years, Longmeadow’s Democratic Town Committee has been led by an irreplaceable and unstoppable force named Candy Glazer.

Since becoming Chair, the LDTC has become one of the most active and effective town committee’s in the Commonwealth.

Candy was instrumental in electing the first (but not last) Democrat to the Select Board and she turned the School Committee blue.

She reversed a decades-long trend of sending Republican’s to the State House and focused on cultivating new, up and coming talent like State Senator Eric Lesser and State Representative Brian Ashe.

She’s been a delegate to more than 30 Democratic State Conventions, Democratic National Conventions and even a member of the Massachusetts Electoral College for President Obama.

Simply put, she’s an ICON.

Yet for all of her recognition on the local, state, and national level, Candy has remained our friend. Each of us has our own Candy story, each of us can name a time that she showed up for us, made us feel special, recognized our hard work, and shared in our successes.

So to Candy — Thank you. Thank you for building a party that we can all be proud of. Thank you for your friendship, your mentorship, and your leadership.