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Dear Longmeadow Democratic Town Committee Members and Friends,

As this political year of 2018 is ending, I want to share some news with you about my own political plans. After 23 years as the Chair of the Longmeadow Democratic Town Committee, I am stepping down as the LDTC Chair, but will have the honor of having a new title, "Chair Emeritus!" I look forward to this honorary title and passing the LDTC gavel to a new Chair. 

This decision was announced at the LDTC Holiday Party on December 12, 2018, but wanted to share this announcement with you and my many political and personal friends. My resignation will be effective on January 1, 2019 and a new Chair will be elected at the next LDTC Meeting on January 16, 2019. 

It has been a joy and a great honor for me to Chair and lead the Longmeadow Democrats over the past 23 years. However, I feel strongly that this is the perfect time for me to step aside. The LDTC has become a very active, committed, and important player here in Western Massachusetts. We currently have 107 members, 35 Elected Members, 11 Life Members, and 61 Associated Members from across Western Massachusetts. The LDTC has an outstanding Executive Committee of 10 officers, our monthly meetings have always been a source of information for the community, and our grassroots activism is famous in political circles and to Democratic candidates. 

I have put a great deal of time and thought into preparing for this transition of leadership. In the past few years some changes have included: electing two Vice-Chairs, enlarging the Executive Committee, and adding a youth position. I have also created several subcommittees, including the Democrat of the Year Committee to empower other members and share the responsibilities of the committee.

I am confident that the new Chair and LDTC members are ready and prepared to take over leadership. I especially appreciate the extra time and help from my Vice Chairs, Michael Clark and Michele Marantz, and our Treasurer of 10 years, Bill Hoff. 

I also feel that January of 2019 is the right time this transition due to the "off-election year" political calendar. I am proud that I will be leaving with a very strong Democratic Party here in Longmeadow and in Western Massachusetts. I'm also proud that the "blue wave" did happen in Congress. Thanks to the efforts and enthusiasm of so many LDTC members and 413 Democrats, our local Democratic Party has never been stronger. 

Senator Eric Lesser, who has been a LDTC member since he was in high school, is now starting his 3rd term in the Massachusetts Senate and has become a powerful voice and statewide leader for us here in Western Massachusetts. State Representative Brian Ashe, a longtime LDTC member, was just re-elected to his 6th term as our State Representative. The re-elections of Senator Lesser and Representative Ashe confirmed the Democratic Strength in our district and here in the 413. 

Additionally, there are LDTC members on the Longmeadow Select Board, School Committee, appointed Town Boards and Committees, and the Longmeadow Town Moderator. Myself, along with LDTC Members Michael Clark and Mary Gail Cokkinias make up 3 out of the 4 Democratic State Committee members from our Senate District. 

Our Congressman, Richard Neal, who has always been an active part of LDTC events, will be the Chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee. Senator Elizabeth Warren was reelected with the help of so many LDTC members who were part these 2018 Democratic victories! Local, statewide, and even national candidates know that the Longmeadow Democrats are the best campaigners -- and we "own that corner" on Longmeadow Street for the best campaign standouts! 

I am stepping down as Chair of the LDTC but I will remain committed to political activism. With my love of politics and pride of being a Democrat, I will continue as Chair of the Senator Eric Lesser Committee and as a member of the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee. I also plan to continue my participation in many organizations and community groups. 

Highlights of being your Chair have included the opportunity to represent Longmeadow and Western Massachusetts at 30 Democratic State Conventions and as an elected Delegate from Massachusetts to several Democratic National Conventions. It was a special honor to become the "Honorable Candy Glazer," by being elected to the 2012 Massachusetts Electoral College and casting my vote for President Barack Obama. 

Lastly and most important to me are the wonderful friends I have made over all these years. THANK YOU to each of you for your wonderful friendship. It was great to share so many campaigns, events, conventions, meetings, Inaugurations, Award Breakfasts, caucuses, 4th of July Parades, and standouts in all weather with such great folks. We have a special bond as we share so many of good values as Democrats. I am so lucky to have had this wonderful honor of being your LDTC Chair--but having met each of you along the way has been even more special to me. 

I also want to thank all of the LDTC members who, over the lat 23 years, voted for me and supported me as Chair of our committee and our successful efforts to turn Longmeadow Democratic -- WE DID IT! 

Thank you to the many Executive Committee members who, since 1995, have attended monthly meetings at my house, stepped up to leadership positions, and helped make the LDTC such as successful political group. 

It has been a wonderful 23 years as your Chair. I am confident and excited that the new Chair, Executive Committee, and LDTC members will continue to make a difference in our community and for the Democratic Party. 

With all my best wishes to each of you for a joyous holiday season and a happy and special new year, onward to 2019 and a victorious 2020! 

Candy Glazer 
Chair, Longmeadow Democratic Town Committee